This is only the beginning

Over the past year I have experienced a major shift in my life. I feel as if to start off this blog as a public space I should give a bit of a back story.

At the beginning of 2017 I found myself in a place where I had accomplished all that I had longed for for many years. After settling into these new and exciting changes, I quickly realized how unhappy I actually was. One morning after church I suddenly broke down in tears, confessing my brokenness to my best friend and pastor.

A few days later I met with my pastor who gave me words of wisdom that changed everything. Together we uncovered that I was very in touch with my physical needs (likely due to many years as a fitness junkie) but not so in touch with myself emotionally or spiritually. She encouraged me to get grounded in the present. To be still and enjoy all that I had longed for. She cautioned me that planning too far and unnecessarily in advance would cause me to miss over the greatness of each moment.

I took her advice and began to pray each day that I be used as a vessel of God’s infinite love. Daily I thanked God for the privilege of being able to care for His children. These were the words that began to change everything.

Over the months to follow I learned a LOT about myself, from the inside-out. I know for a fact that during this time I truly began to find myself (which I am still doing and believe I may always be). I will speak further on these lessons as this blog unfolds.

Again, over the last eight weeks I have experienced yet another major shift that has lead me to this moment right here. The thought of starting a blog has been on my mind for quite some time now. Since being here in Thailand I have gotten quite clear on my vision of this blog felt it heavy on my heart to just got for it – so here we are!

Admittedly opening up and allowing myself to be vulnerable is a bit scary for me, but nothing great ever happens in comfort zones. Deep down I do know that I have positivity to offer the world so why not. Furthermore, I feel strongly the Universe is guiding me to do just this.

Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to follow me on my journey πŸ™‚

Words of encouragement: You are already enough. Everything you need is already within you.

All my love, A.

5 thoughts on “This is only the beginning

  1. You are amazing in so many ways! Reading through this, the first part broke my heart, I wish I were there to hug you. The second part lifted my spirits when you began in a new journey. I have to admit I was very worried to hear you are in Thailand alone….. But I can attest that these travels will really open your eyes to yourself ;)! Keep moving forward one step at a time and enjoy all that is around you. Focus on what is felt by the heart, for the best things cannot be seen.

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  2. Love you my dear. I know we’ve lost touch, but know I am so proud of you. What a lovely lady you have become, your parents wouldn’t be prouder of you, they sure did something right. You’re such an inspiration and I look up to you. Keep following your dreams!! I can’t wait to hear of all your adventures 😊❀️
    Love you always.

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