How I ended up backpacking in Thailand

I want to share the story of how I ended up backpacking in Thailand as I feel it is a true testament to trusting the divine timing of your life.

To start, a little backstory – as I briefly touched on in my first entry I found myself unfulfilled in my current position as a Registered Nurse. Truthfully, it has been on my heart for quite some time that nursing was not the place for me. My personal beliefs don’t quite align with western medicine and I have long felt I am called to do more in this world than the four walls of any hospital could ever offer me. I have spent a lot of time trying to sort this out in my head and I am happy to share that this story is certainly the next step in the right direction for me.

Around a month ago, someone I consider very close to my heart told me he was going to travel through the US on a spiritual journey. I asked him what I could do to support him and he replied “come with me”. My immediate response was “I can’t do that!”

Over the next few days I got really quiet over the idea. For this means a few things: prayer, meditation and journaling. A few days later (on a Monday) in the midst of a Kundalini yoga class all the thoughts, emotions and fears surrounding this subject came up. During this class I surrender my nursing career to The Universe. Despite feeling detached from my role as a nurse for quite some time, until this moment I had not felt quite ready to release it.

My next scheduled shift was Wednesday morning. On this day I planned to talk to my manager about my travel plans. I was ready to leave my position if need be. To my surprise and absolute blessing my manager completely had my back. She approved me to take a month temporary leave of absence in less than two weeks. She even helped me make sure I could use up my OT and vacation banks so I missed out on the least amount of money possible. AMEN!

So here we have it… safe little adventure road tripping through the US with some friends I felt totally safe with. This was out of my comfort zone but it felt okay and the right thing to do.

The next few days things changed. My friend told me he was not going to be going as things in his life are aligning here at home. As much as I completely understood this from his point of view, I was sad for myself and extremely confused.

Again I got quiet on the subject and I felt The Universe had set my heart on an adventure AND given me the time off work – I knew I had to do something!

Shortly after I booked a flight and paid my fees to attend yoga teacher training in Thailand. In my head this was a wonderful and safe little adventure. Yes, scary in a way but my thoughts were I would take a taxi to and from the airport and not leave the resort for the duration of my time there.

But, needless to say The Universe had even bigger plans! I was scheduled to leave Calgary on Sunday… less than 48 hrs from my departure I was advised the course has been cancelled as the instructors visa was denied due to illness. I was at work when I received this news and one of my coworkers suggested I go backpacking and I immediately said no way that was far too out of my comfort zone! Again, I was quite upset and more than anything confused as to what was going on, what was The Universe trying to tell me?!

So I did the only thing I know to do.. I got quiet about the idea (and some gentle pep talks from my friends) and made a quick decision that I would indeed go to Thailand and backpack. This time not only was my heart set on an adventure, I had the time off work, but I also had a plane ticket to Thailand. So I booked a hostel for two nights and bought a backpack…. Remember my safe little adventure I had planned? This seemed quite far from that but I felt extremely guided by The Universe and that this was what I needed to do.

Very quickly after I arrived into Thailand all the little pieces really started to fit together. I no longer felt confused and frustrated to the events that lead me to this amazing adventure. I knew that I would have NEVER planned to go backpacking by myself anywhere but with the way this all played out I strongly feel like The Universe had planned the whole thing for me. Within the first couple of days I had the first glimpse of a vision for my next big adventure. This vision continues to blossom throughout my trip and I imagine it will continue until the time comes.

I’m sure you are all wondering about this vision, and I am happy to share! As I’ve mentioned I’ve felt detached to my role as a nurse in western medicine. But with that being said I do understand the need for that type of health care in eastern countries. It has long been on my heart that I would do volunteer travel nursing overseas. My vision consists of this but also staying in ashrams and learning about various different aspects of eastern medicine.

During my travels I was aligned with so many inspiring people from different walks of lives and it was so beautiful to connect with and be inspired by these people. I no longer feel scared of the idea of backpacking and I trust that when the time comes for me to go The Universe will show me the path. I’m grateful I had the guts to roll with the punches and trust with every ounce of my body because it certainly worked out for the good.

On a side note, before I left my best friend jokingly said to me “don’t go find a job over there” and i laughed brushing it off thinking there really wasn’t a chance of that happening. No, I did not look for jobs but I’m sure there will be a time that I do. Just goes to show sometimes your friends know you better than yourself ❤

Words of encouragement: Trust with all your heart and you will be taken to places you never fathomed.

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