When I first had the vision for this blog I wanted it to be a place where I could share my personal experiences and encourage those reading it to tune in and get to know themselves. There are many things I would love to (and likely will) write about but I strongly feel the best place to start is with self-love. ❤ 

Before I talk about what this means to me I want to talk about WHY loving yourself is important. I truly believe that in order to give and receive love to our fullest potential we must first love ourselves. In order to show up whole heartedly to any situation, you must be in touch with your whole heart. Love is one of the strongest, most valuable emotions. Love makes us vulnerable, it brings us happiness and it also has the potential to bring us great sorrow. I believe we need to be so in love with ourselves first and foremost so that others can compliment this but not cause us to experience extreme fluctuations.

Self-love encompasses each and every aspect of our lives; mind, body & spirit. For me, the journey to loving myself began in my head and translated itself to my body and eventually my spiritual side.

In today’s society, it is often challenging to find love for ourselves. Often times we spend so much of our time comparing ourselves to others and never being happy with where we are at in our own lives. It is also extremely common for us to turn to outside sources to find love & fulfillment. Only when these limitations are set aside can we really learn to love ourselves.

In yoga practice, it is often mentioned to listen to the stories you tell yourself. This is the first yogic teaching I really embraced and translated into my whole life. The first step in making any sort of change is to recognize the area that needs to be changed. In order to change the stories you tell yourself, you must first acknowledge them, without judgment. Only then when you recognize what they are you can begin to change them.

If you are constantly dwelling in the negative stories you tell yourself you are bound to have negative outcomes. When I first tuned in I found a lot of “I can’t” and “I’m not good enough”. I changed these stories into “I can” and “I am already enough”. And guess what? I can & I am enough! Today I can say that and mean it from the depth of my soul but I would be lying if I said that was how it always was. There were many times that I would say these things and they felt forced and I questioned it myself. But when I truly began to believe them my love for myself and in turn, my whole life began to reflect it as well.

I found the best way to quiet down and listen to my stories was through my yoga practice (at the time primarily Yin yoga) and journalling. This eventually lead to my love for meditation which is now my primary go-to quiet space. I want to challenge each of you to find what works for you and really tune into it. A good friend of mine always says “the most important relationship you can ever have is that with yourself.”  I absolutely love this phrase and I could not agree more.

Words of encouragement: You can. You are already enough.

Love & light ❤

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